Elif Shafak Books in Order: A Complete List

Elif Shafak Books in Order of Publication

Whether you are an admirer of Elif Shafak’s writing or an individual embarking on an exploration of her literary works. This article will take you on a literary journey through a complete breakdown of the Elif Shafak books in order. From her early novels to her latest releases, each piece contributes to the mosaic of Shafak’s storytelling prowess.

About Elif Shafak

Elif Shafak is a Turkish-British author who has gained international acclaim for her thought-provoking and culturally rich literary works. Born on October 25, 1971, in Strasbourg, France, Shafak grew up in Turkey and has since become one of the most prominent voices in contemporary world literature.

Shafak’s writing is characterized by its exploration of themes such as cultural identity, gender, love, and societal issues. She often weaves intricate narratives that blend the traditional storytelling techniques of Turkish literature with a global and modern perspective. Shafak’s ability to address complex subjects with sensitivity and depth has resonated with readers around the world.

She has authored numerous novels, essays, and articles, with her works translated into over 50 languages. Some of her most notable novels include “The Bastard of Istanbul,” “The Forty Rules of Love,” “Honour,” “The Architect’s Apprentice,” and “10 Minutes 38 Seconds in This Strange World.”

Elif Shafak is not only recognized for her literary achievements but also for her engagement with social and political issues. Her writing often reflects a commitment to fostering understanding and dialogue across cultural and societal boundaries.

In addition to her role as a prolific author, Shafak has been a speaker and commentator on various global platforms. She has delivered talks on literature, feminism, and cultural diversity, contributing to discussions that go beyond the realm of her written works.

Elif Shafak’s impact on the literary landscape is significant, as she continues to inspire readers with her unique storytelling and thought-provoking narratives. Her works invite readers to explore diverse perspectives and reflect on the complexities of the human experience in a rapidly changing world.

A complete list of all Elif Shafak books in order of publication

All Elif Shafak books, from standalone novels to non-fiction books are listed below.

Fiction books/standalone novels in order

  1. The Gaze (1999)
  2. The Flea Palace (2002)
  3. The Saint of Incipient Insanities (2004)
  4. The Bastard of Istanbul (2006)
  5. The Forty Rules of Love (2009)
  6. Honour (2012)
  7. The Architect’s Apprentice (2013)
  8. Three Daughters of Eve (2016)
  9. 10 Minutes 38 Seconds in This Strange World (2019)
  10. The Island of Missing Trees (2021)

Non-fiction books in order

  1. Black Milk (2007)
  2. The Happiness of Blond People (2011)

Anthologies in order

  1. 1914 – Goodbye to All That (2014)
  2. Freeman’s Power (2018)

5 Best-Selling Elif Shafak Books

It’s important to note that best-selling rankings can change over time, and new works may have been published since then. As of 2024, 5 of Elif Shafak’s best-selling books are as follows:

5. The Island of Missing Trees (2021)

Elif Shafak Books in Order 5

A poignant and multigenerational tale set in Cyprus. The novel intertwines the lives of its characters across time, exploring themes of love, loss, and the enduring impact of conflict. Through a magical realist lens, Shafak delves into the complexities of identity and memory against the backdrop of a divided island with an ancient olive tree at its heart. The narrative beautifully weaves together personal stories with historical events, inviting readers to reflect on the interconnectedness of past and present.

4. 10 Minutes 38 Seconds in This Strange World (2019)

Elif Shafak Books in Order 4

A compelling novel that explores the final moments of Tequila Leila, a sex worker in Istanbul. After her death, Leila’s mind remains active for the titular duration, leading to a reflection on her life and the bonds she formed with a diverse group of friends. Shafak skillfully addresses societal prejudices and the marginalization of certain groups while offering a unique perspective on life, death, and the resilience of the human spirit.

3. The Architect’s Apprentice (2013)

Elif Shafak Books in Order 3

A historical novel set in the Ottoman Empire. The story follows Jahan, an elephant keeper, and his extraordinary journey through the vibrant city of Istanbul during the 16th century. As Jahan navigates the grandeur and intricacies of the empire, the novel explores themes of love, loyalty, and the intersection of human and animal lives. Shafak’s narrative weaves together rich historical details and vivid characters against the backdrop of the Ottoman era, creating a captivating tale of adventure and self-discovery.

2. The Forty Rules of Love (2009)

Elif Shafak Books in Order 2

A novel that interweaves two narratives. One unfolds the life of the 13th-century poet Rumi and his spiritual teacher Shams of Tabriz, exploring the transformative power of love and mysticism. The other narrative is set in the present day, following Ella Rubinstein’s journey as she reads about Rumi and Shams, leading to her own spiritual awakening. Through the forty rules of love, Shafak explores themes of divine connection, self-discovery, and the universality of love across time.

1.The Bastard of Istanbul (2006)

Elif Shafak Books in Order 1

A novel that intricately weaves together the lives of two families, one in Istanbul and the other in Arizona. The story unfolds as Asya Kazanci, a rebellious young woman in Istanbul, questions her identity and family history. The novel delves into themes of cultural clash, familial secrets, and the Armenian genocide, providing a thought-provoking exploration of identity and the complexities of history.

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