The Broken Earth Books in Order

The Broken Earth books in order

Although the Broken Earth books by N.K. Jemisin emerged as a relatively recent trilogy within the past decade, they bear the hallmarks of classical book series. This series was not her debut. But, it catapulted her onto the international stage, garnering numerous accolades and recognition.

Before we dive into how to read the Broken Earth books in order, let’s go into some of the things you need to know about the series and the author.

About N.K. Jemisin and the Broken Earth Series

N.K. Jemisin is an American author and the winner of multiple Hugo Awards, Nebula Awards, and Locus Awards. She is known for her contributions to the science fiction and fantasy genres, particularly her innovative storytelling and exploration of social and political themes in speculative fiction.

One of Jemisin’s most acclaimed works is the Broken Earth series. The series is set in a world plagued by frequent catastrophic events, known as “Fifth Seasons,” which are marked by seismic activities and environmental disasters. The society in this world has adapted to survive these cataclysms, and individuals with the ability to manipulate the earth’s energy, known as orogeny, are both feared and controlled. The narrative weaves together multiple perspectives and timelines, creating a complex and richly layered story.

“The Broken Earth” trilogy received widespread critical acclaim and made history when the third book, “The Stone Sky,” won the Hugo Award for Best Novel in 2018. N.K. Jemisin became the first author ever to win three consecutive Hugo Awards for Best Novel for each book in a trilogy. Her work has been praised for its originality, complex world-building, and its thought-provoking examination of social issues.

How Many the Broken Earth Books Are There in the Series?

The series consists of the thriology; “The Fifth Season” (2015) “The Obelisk Gate” (2016) and “The Stone Sky” (2017). However, in addition to the trilogy mentioned, N.K. Jemisin has also written one short story which takes place in the same universe as the Broken Earth. This very short story was written before the trilogy was published, giving you the option to read it prior to the first book, “The Fifth Season,” if you prefer.

The Broken Earth Books in Order of Publication

The following list consists of the trilogy:

  1. The Fifth Season (2015)
  2. The Obelisk Gate (2016)
  3. The Stone Sky (2017)

Short story taking place in the same universe as the Broken Earth:

  1. Stone Hunger (2014)

The Broken Earth Trilogy Summary

Now that you know all of the Broken Earth books in order of publication, let’s delve into the summaries of the series. However, if this marks your inaugural journey into the series, be mindful that these summaries may unveil spoilers for events from previous installments.

1. The Fifth Season (2015)

The Broken Earth Books in Order 1

Set in a world prone to catastrophic geological events, it follows the stories of three women with unique abilities to manipulate seismic forces. The narrative explores themes of power, oppression, and survival in a society facing recurring apocalyptic disasters.

2. The Obelisk Gate (2016)

The Broken Earth Books in Order 2

It continues the story of a world plagued by seismic instability and explores the challenges faced by characters with Earth-shaping abilities. The novel delves deeper into the mysteries of the obelisks and the origins of the destructive Fifth Seasons, while addressing themes of survival and identity.

3. The Stone Sky (2017)

The Broken Earth Books in Order 3

It, as the final book of the series, concludes the epic tale of a fractured world grappling with geological catastrophes and the consequences of oppressive power. The story focuses on the resolution of longstanding conflicts and the fate of the characters as they confront the mysteries of their world. Themes of resilience, choice, and the interconnectedness of all things are central to the narrative.

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